It turns out that blogging while doing a workshop is not a realistic goal.  I learned so much this last week, it will probably take me another month to truly process it all.  I was a little afraid before I went that I would already know everything that was presented, but that was not true at all.  There were several techniques that I had never even heard of before.  I tried so many new things and had a ton of fun.  It was so nice to not be the teacher for a change.

The first day's revelations were a cool tool to get models out of molds, and break-away molds.

The second day was a little less revelatory, but I still learned things.  I start to get confused about what happened which day.  I learned more about shaping plaster prototypes, and properly setting up a multi-part mold to get better castings. Everyone in the class was trying different techniques, we were learning from each other and our mistakes as much as we learned from Heather.

The last really cool technique that I tried I didn't get to until Friday.  (I spent the first couple of days obsessing over making 2 four part molds.)  On Friday I tried sledging for the first time.  I had seen the technique in Andrew Martin's book, but had never really understood how it works.  I think it is awesome, but also scarey because you have to work so fast.  I am definitely going to try it again this summer.  I made 3 profiles and only got the chance to try 1 of them.