After spending a week making this pile of prototypes I began to loose interest in the triangular shape that I was repeating.  I had cast the cups from my previous post and really enjoyed them, so I decided to make a pitcher to go with them.

I started off with what turned out to be a slightly too big plaster block.
I ended up cutting about an inch off the bottom to make it a more reasonable height.

I sketched out a shape that I thought went well with the cups.

Starting the carving with the compass saw made things a little quicker, it was still a long process, it took me about 6 hours in total to finish this.

I gave myself blisters with the double ended rasp.  Whoever invented that tool has no concept of how to make a tool ergonomically friendly.  The surform is my favorite.

The form completely carved.

After carving I spent a lot of time sanding, making things perfect.  My intention is to make this a drop out mold (we'll see if I am bold enough to try it).  If anyone reading this was at the Arrowmont workshop, they do sell the large sanding screens at the Home Depot, just not with the drywall supplies.  I found them in the tool rental section being sold for floor sanders.

I was on a roll after making the pitcher and decided to use the piece I cut off the bottom to make a plate to go with the set.

I made a successful drop-out mold of the plate yesterday.  I will spend next week making molds of of all the other models.  As I was playing with them yesterday I regained my interest in the triangles, so it won't be boring to make molds of them.  I can see potential for combining castings and making more interesting forms.
After I was done with my carving frenzy I had this pile of scrap left.  It feels sort of wasteful.