I haven't posted in awhile because I've basically been doing the same two things over and over again, making molds of the triangular shapes and casting from the molds I've finished.  However, I have finally come to the end of my mold making for the summer.  It was great fun when I started, but by the end it started to wear on me.  In spite of that, I still have many ideas for new forms and if I wasn't pretty much out of plaster I would probably continue to make molds.  I can easily see myself ending up with so many molds I won't have room to do anything in my studio (no danger of that yet though).  These are the last three molds just completed, still wet from sanding.

I have also finally gotten around to completing my glaze tests.  Unfortunately the camera I used to take this image doesn't do the best job of recording color from life, the red isn't quite that orange and the blue green on the far left isn't really that blue.  I'm too lazy to get out the good camera and rephotograph, I'm sure I'll have better images of the glazes in use.

From the tests I selected these 4 to mix up, they really aren't quite as subtle as they look in this image, but I did choose mostly the more subtle colors.  The highlighter yellow was a bit too much for me.
My shelves are starting to fill up and I should be ready for a bisque firing soon.  Then I can play with the new glazes and see how they come out.


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