Finally some glaze results from the work I have been posting about all summer.  It took me a week to get around to taking pictures, because school started this week.

As I was taking pictures I decided to test out the wares and see how well they worked.  This is what I had for lunch today.  It felt distinctly middle eastern.

Some of the glazes came out better than others.  The blue green seems to have done the best and the lavender the worst.  I will need to use them on bisque that has been fired to the proper temperature before I decide which glazes I like best.

The teapot looks good from the side, but it had some glaze crawling issues and pouring issues.  It would seem that the spout is too long.

This is how my first mishima attempt came out, I think I like the second one I did better (see below).

I think this set is my favorite from what came out of the kiln.  I wish sgrafitto didn't take so  long.

The preferred mishima set.

I'm trying to decide if I should present this set like this...

...or mixed like this.  I think the first option might be a bit visually overwhelming.

The color on the image below is a bit truer to life.

This set seems more fun with the mixed colors.  Hopefully I will have the time soon to actually set up my lights and back drop and take proper photos of this work.


  1. I am in love with that sectional plate (what looks to be holding almonds, olives, and bell peppers) and the "preferred mishima" set!


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