I am finally doing the glaze firing for all of the work I did this summer.  It has taken me more time than planned.  The bisque firing of this work was way over fired.  This was entirely my fault because I was more than a little distracted that day.  I woke up early to start doing kiln turn ups.  After I checked on the kiln I noticed that my cat hadn't come to greet me, which was highly unusual for the early morning, so I went looking for him.  I found him hiding and not looking quite right.  I discovered that he was having trouble using his back legs.  I have known that he has a heart murmur for a number of years and had been warned that he could get blood clots which could damage his arteries.  He had a blood clot last spring that while painful he recovered from almost immediately.  This time has not been the same.  We have been wondering whether he will make it through this or not, some days seem more promising than others.  He seems to be getting slightly better, but he still has trouble walking and isn't using his litter box.  This means I have spent the last week mopping and doing laundry all day (with my husband doing an equal share of the work).  Anyhow, all of this emotional roller coaster riding has been a little distracting from the studio work.  However, I did manage to get everything glazed and the kiln is firing away as I write.  Hopefully I will not get distracted again today.