I finally got around to doing some proper photography of the work I have been blogging about since June.  Having just finished the photographic process I can tell why I procrastinated so long.  Photo editing is painful, physically and mentally.  I don't mind taking the pictures, in fact figuring out lighting angles and getting the perfect shot is kind of fun, but the process of fine tuning in Photoshop is awful.  I'm all done now though, including resizing the images for the internet.  Now all I have to do is choose the perfect image to put on a postcard to represent 4 months of hard work.  It's like being asked to pick your favorite child (well not quite, but close).  Maybe I'm still too close to the work, perhaps after a time I'll be able to clearly see what is the best.  Too bad I don't have that kind of time.  Well once I've made the decision I'll post it here.