Exciting news!!  ShopSCAD is now carrying my work.  After all the hard work I put in this summer making all of these pieces it is very exciting to know that they have found such a good venue.  The store is a perfect fit for the style of work I have been making recently. I am hopeful that this will be a continuing relationship, that will allow me to continue exploring these functional forms.

I had been considering starting an Etsy page to sell the work that I had left over from the holiday sales I did this winter, but now I have no stock.  This is great news, and means I need to get out to my studio ASAP and start making more.  I'm still considering the Etsy page, but for right now selling directly to a retail outlet fits my life better.

On another note, which also has me going out to my studio ASAP, I have work in a show at NCECA in Houston this year.  The show is titled Transplants and will have the work of Yves Paquette and Mitzi Davis (my colleagues at SCAD) as well as my work.  I have 2 pieces ready, but I have big plans for a third, and 10 weeks of full time teaching to get it done.  So speaking of which, I should stop writing and go get my hands dirty!!