I'm getting ready for the bisque firing of this figure, I'll turn it on in a couple of hours.  I never fire a half full kiln, so there are also a fair number of pots in here as well.  My kiln has rarely felt small to me, but loading this work made it seem smaller than it has in a long time.  I really had no idea how large the figure I was making was, until I measured it to put in here.  I had some idea that I could fit a tall shelf under the figure, but when I went to load I realized that she is only a couple of inches shorter than the kiln.  I going to keep my fingers crossed for this firing.  This kiln has been unreliable in the past for bisque firings (the kiln sitter likes to stick).  Some day I'm going to get a computer controller for the kiln, although they have their problems too.  Still it would give me finer control for glaze firings.  Anyhow, fingers crossed.