Lobster salad for birthday supper on new work (there was chocolate cake with raspberries as well)
I haven't posted for quite awhile.  I think maybe I read too much Victorian literature as a child and feel uncomfortable talking about myself so much.  Being a professor I get very involved in my teaching and my students and tend to forget about myself.  This time of year is always bittersweet, seeing students one has worked with for several years, graduating and moving out into the world to continue on their own.  It is very exciting to see former students succeeding in their artistic endeavors, it makes it feel like all the hard work is worth it.
 That being said, I have been continuing to work on my own work.  We had some great visiting artists at SCAD this last year.  I always find their visits inspiring.  The surfaces on the work above were inspired by A.J. Argentina, when he came to visit this Winter.  It wasn't a particular technique he showed, or specific advice he gave, it was simply the time to sit a listen to someone else talk about how they approach form and surface.
A.J.'s work
We also had a visit from Heather Mae Erickson this Spring.  It was great to get to share some of the insights she gave me last summer with our students.  It was great to see Heather again, and as always inspiring to listen to another artist talk about their working process.  I'll be jumping right back into making this summer (as soon as I take a brief siesta).

Also in the plans for this summer is to do something about my photo set up situation.  After 15 years of heavy use, my super cheap photo floods are starting to die.  I really need to get some new lights and figure out a better easier way to diffuse the light.  Now that I am making all of this small scale functional work I am seriously considering making myself a light box.   I really wish I had documented my set up last time I took images, but suffice to say it involved a step ladder, two by four, and my dining room shelves, as well as some old plastic shower curtain and a lot of careful movement to keep from knocking anything down and breaking the dining room chandelier.  I'll be sure to document the new set up if it works well.  Hopefully now that summer is here I will be posting more often.


  1. The dinner looks delicious, and the dishware is inspiring with its triangular curves.


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