Work in progress and new work for Savannah Clay: 2015

Work in progress for the upcoming show Savannah Clay: 2015 which opens September 4 at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery in Savannah GA.  This little guy is hanging out with the new kitten, who is making him look bigger than he is.  I will endeavor to post more images once this work is complete.  It is fun to be getting back to making sculptures after a long hiatus of making strictly functional work.

I completed this piece in June, although it still needs a little fine tuning before I install it.  I've been scornful of the new trend towards photographing work on a white background, but I really think it works well with this piece.  For a long time most of my work was fairly white, so a white background was not a great idea, but now that my work is getting more colorful I think I am becoming a convert.