A slow slog to a new creation

At this time last year I was in Scotland gathering material to make new work.  After a severe case of artists block, and then a following glut of too many ideas, I have finally started to make the new work I was hoping for in my last post.  As has been true for me most of my life Spring seems to inspire me to create.

One of the first experiences we had on our trip was hitting a pot hole on a very rural road and getting 2 flat tires.  Because we were so far out in the country phone service was very spotty.  To get in touch with the tow company that had our rental car I had to climb to the top of a hill in the rain and sit on hold for a long time.  I was of course pissed off at the situation and feeling kind of miserable and negative about the whole trip.  While I was standing there I started looking at the plant life in the fields around me and saw a fern coming up out of the ground.  That was the first moment I felt like I was developing an idea.  I started to feel more positive about everything and knew after that what I wanted to be looking for the rest of my trip.  

 I have always been a huge fan of Wedgwood.  At the Wedgwood museum the display of the Portland vase stood out to me because they showed not only the perfect final product, but also the mistakes made in the process of creating it.


This work is all unfired, and I am still working on more parts to add to this. In the end I plan to have around 16 different elements in the installation.


  1. What an amazing experience. I am happy to read that you didn’t allow the 2 flat tires to take the air out of your drive to explore in your quest for inspiration. I am curious, with the lamb and the what I call, “wishing stone,” did you recreate the stone or incorporate the original for a mixed media result?


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